Name:  Clay
ID:  2277
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  3 yr
Size:  63 lbs ( on thin side)
General Health:

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Intake Report 7/22/2017:
This sweet, well behaved, red boy is Clay.  He’s an owner surrender, however, his owner didn’t care at all that he was leaving, in fact he was banned to the back yard, with no food or water and has been fending for himself for quite a while.  He made the grave mistake of trying to cool himself in this horrible heat by getting in their swimming pool.  He is, after all, wearing a fur coat and the heat index is over 105 degrees.  How dare he?!?

One of our area members was contacted by his owner and said she wanted him to GO, ASAP.  She couldn’t keep him out of her pool and was tired of messing with him.  His owner didn’t even have the courtesy of being at home…she instructed our member to just get him from the yard.  She tried to get him in her car several times, but he clearly knew something was up and would run into the woods behind their house.  She finally went to get some beef and cheese at the local convenience store, and because he was so hungry, he willingly overcame his fears of a stranger and jumped right into her car.  His owner didn’t even tell us his name.  He spent the first night with his rescuer and was an absolute gentleman.

He’s sweet, calm, a bit timid with new situations, but walks calmly on a leash, sits to be petted, jumped into the crate and was SO happy to have air conditioning.  He has a funny little quirk of “spinning” around in circles on the leash…I almost named him Spinner.  It’s not a wild spin, but just a fun, happy ’round in circles habit.  He welcomed all attention and petting, but was too stinky to love on much.  😊

His coat is horribly dry and a bit matted and thin on his britches and tail.  He was terribly stinky and is in desperate need of a bath before anything else.  He’s got dark eyeliner around his beautiful wise eyes.  He stole my heart in the 45 minutes I was with him, but then again, I’m a sucker for the red boys.  His new life has already begun!


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