Name: Chase
ID: 3153
Sex: Neutered
DOB: 2/15/19
Size: 62 lb
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report

January 15, 2020

This beautiful Black Golden is Chase.  His little life has been completely turned upside down.  He was adopted by a family from a local shelter in April 2019, as an 8 week old puppy.  He weighed under 7 pounds at the time of his adoption.  He has been a good dog, with his only fault is that he “Got too BIG”.  He was surrendered back to the shelter last week because, in his 11 month old puppy exuberance, he accidentally knocked down the owners 3 year old grandchild.   They decided he was just too big to be around their grandchildren and gave him up.  He’s been an indoor dog, is good with other dogs, loves kids, knows some basic commands like sit and stop.  He is housebroken, and has overall, good leash skills.  The shelter reached out to us immediately upon his return because he was so scared when his family left him at the shelter.  She kept him in the office area for the day where he was happy and fun loving.  Unfortunately he had to go in the back in the kennels for the night and was TERRIFIED when I got there to meet him the next morning.  It took a bit of coaxing to get him out of his kennel and he was so scared he wouldn’t take treats from us inside the shelter.  While waiting to check out at the shelter, there were three little girls playing in the lobby.  He was SO excited to see them.  He wanted to play with them so bad.  His tail wagged and his ears perked.  He was well behaved during the process.  I was highly impressed.

Once I got him out of the shelter and walked him around the grounds, he was wonderful.  He’s easy on the leash.  He stops when you stop, he walks when you walk.  He’s a bit shy and pulls away when you reach toward his head.  He also seems to dislike having a leash placed over his head.  We were able to lay the leash over his back and then connect it without any issues. He has a beautiful, thick, healthy coat and is wavy and gorgeous.  He’s got crinkly golden hair on his ears and beautiful britches.  He loaded in my van and allowed me to get in the back seat and love on him a bit.  He warms up pretty quickly once he knows he’s safe.  I stopped at McDonald’s and got him some fries and chicken nuggets.   He took them from me with a very soft mouth and was easy and gentle.   He rode quietly and calmly  to our clinic.

Once downtown, he greeted the staff and vet techs with a bit of hesitancy but then warmed up.  He was giving kisses and allowing everyone to pet and love on him when I left.  He weighed 63.5, and will only need a rabies and flu shot.  (Whitney updated his shots when he came into the shelter.)

Phyl, I’m uploading the pictures and videos I took of him at the clinic.

He’s going to make some lucky family a great pet.  I can’t wait for someone to fall in love with him like he deserves!

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