Name: Charlotte
ID: 3138
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yrs.
Size: 80 lbs.
General Health: Heartworm treatment
Availability: On Hold for medical issues
Sponsors: Kathleen Aldrich
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My Reports

Intake Report 10/14/19

Charlotte came to us from a rural Arkansas shelter.  She was terrified and we literally had to carry her from one car to another.  Not a peep out of her on the drive back as she happily chewed on a bully stick.  Once I got to our clinic, she did jump down with encouragement and reluctantly walked into the clinic.  She kept her tail tucked the entire time in the lobby and she wouldn’t make eye contact with any of us.  She appears to have had puppies fairly recently.  She’s pretty “stinky” and will need the works.  She met a few dogs in the lobby with no reaction.  She is going to make some family a very loyal and wonderful companion once she has learned to trust and that she is now safe.

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