Name: Chaplin
ID: 4038
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 7–8 yrs.
Size: 73 lbs.
General Health: Hip surgery — 9/10/2019
Availability: TBA
Sponsors: Kim Seymour
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My Reports

Medical Update 9/12/2019

Chaplin had his hip surgery on the 10th and has done very well. He is recuperating at the hospital and should go home today. After he has is over his surgery and walking well on that leg, he will then have his heartworm treatment. This poor boy has been through so much and still wags his tail and loves everyone. He gets along with people, dogs & cats. He is going to make someone a fantastic new family member once he is well.

Intake Report 8/26/2019

MAGRR was contacted by a volunteer with a rural Mississippi shelter a couple of weeks ago about 3 dogs – 2 Goldens and a Lab. They had come in as strays and had been at the shelter a little over a month. We agreed to take him and and his friend Keegan and got a Lab Rescue to take the Lab. The volunteer told her that these dogs didn’t stand a chance and were going to be euthanized. She told her the shelter conditions were absolutely horrible. She was very emotional and gave each dog a hug and a kiss.

Chaplain is most likely a senior; however, since he has had such a bad life it’s really hard to tell. He was favoring his left back leg and seems to have some issues.  He is a slow walker, but he has a great temperament. My two year old was playing outside and he really wasn’t phased. He really enjoyed belly rubs from one of the staff members.

This boy will probably need quite a bit of medical work. He seems to have a great temperament though and enjoys the company of other dogs. It might take a while to gain some human trust though, although he seemed to enjoy Porter and walking around with him. Watch as this boy comes into his own.

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