Name: Champ
ID: 4036
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 18 months
Size: 32 lbs  (thin)
General Health: HW TX
Availability: End of August

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Intake Report 7/27/2019:
One of our veterinarian’s friends found this precious little guy near I40 obviously abandoned.  She wanted to know if MAGRR could help.  Of course I told her we would providing he was friendly and good with other dogs.  The friends tried to find the owner to no avail.  They had him at their house with their dogs while looking for owner.   He had a sore on his leg and nose burned from the sun.  Guessing he had been out for a while.   He is much better after some time with his rescuers.  He got along with all of their dogs and loves people.  He has a beautiful blond coat and nice feathers and a beautiful tail.  He has freckles on his face which make him so precious.

He is thin, so needs to gain some weight.  He will be a small one and folks will really like that.  I’m glad that we are able to help this boy.  They had been calling him Champ, and we think it fits him.  He is simply adorable.


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