Name: Casper
ID: 4046
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yrs.
Size: 77 lbs.
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report 11/5/2019

Casper’s owners surrendered him to a high-kill shelter in rural Tennessee.  If a dog is not adopted out quickly, they are automatically euthanized. It is a high kill shelter. They have volunteers who walk the dogs, but they are prohibited from taking photos, doing temperament tests, or anything that benefits the dogs.  There is no play yard or letting any dog co-mingle with another. Volunteers with the shelter have been trying to get the policies changed for many years. This handsome guy is 3 yr’s old.   He has a retriever smart knot. He was turned in because the owners never thought he would grow so large. They have an older smaller dog with bad hips and Casper played too roughly with him. He traveled well and was totally non-reactive to a small white dog being picked up from grooming at our clinic. He didn’t pull on the leash the short time I walked him.  He is very sweet and just wants someone to love him.  He has a beautiful thick cream coat.  He is going to be gorgeous once he has a bath and some TLC.

Foster Update 11/27/19:

Casper has been a great guest in our home.  He can be left without incident.  He loves to play with our Goldens.  He is not hyper and just a very sweet boy.  He likes to be near his humans and stays close when he can.  He responds to corrections and is very smart.   He learned our doggie door with one try.  He’s just a wonderful boy.

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