Name: Carter
ID: 3154
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 yr
Size: 68 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Foster Update 2/1/2020

Carter is doing well in our home. He has learned the 2 younger dogs who will play with him and he has learned to leave the 2 older dogs alone. I now trust him off leash and feel he is house trained. He is easy to walk on a loose leash, even though he is very energetic. Apparently, he is 11 months old and I think he may have a little more growing. His hind end seems taller than his front end. Maybe he will catch up in the front. He is very social, but not demanding of attention from the people around as Goldens often are.

He does love petting, cuddling and brushing. He won’t eat unless he has
company. He easily cleared a dog gate when I tried to feed him in a private a rea. Now he eats in the middle of the kitchen and doesn’t bother the other dogs nearby. He’s not crazy about being crated, but getting better. I crate him when I go out and overnight. He has a thick, crazy coat, that has a mind of it’s own and goes in all crazy directions. You can’t look at this dog without smiling!! He would likely be OK as a single dog, but he sure does
love playing with my 2 younger dogs.

Intake Report 1/23/2020

We received a from a rural shelter manager about this boy. He was being surrendered by his owner because she couldn’t handle him. He had been “dumped“ on her and she decided to turn him in. The manager was really worried about him going to the wrong hands, and the shelter was so full that he was outside while it was pouring down rain.  So we immediately said that we could take him.  When we got to the shelter he was hanging out by the front desk. He was so excited and happy, but would also just sit down and chill out. I can understand how he could be too much for someone as he is certainly exuberant. I tested him with two dogs in the office who were not very nice and barked and growled. He ignored them completely and proceeded to go back to all of the people by the front.
We took him outside for a quick walk and he did fine on the leash. He didn’t pull and seemed to be happy enjoying my company. He’s definitely high energy, but he’s extremely sweet and very puppyish. He also has a golden knot so we determined him to be some type of doodle (he’s definitely goofy like the stereotype!).
Since he was in an outside kennel because the shelter is completely full, I asked a volunteer if he could transport for us to get him out of the rain and cold.
The shelter tried to clean him up a bit before they sent him on his way. The volunteer told me that Carter basically rode in his lap the entire way and was as sweet as could be. When he took him to the clinic, the staff absolutely adored him. He is so precious and everyone is going to want him, but his new home must be willing to content with his energy level.

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