Name: Camille
ID: 4054
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 10 yr
Size: 40 lbs (emaciated)
General Health: HW Pos . Very thin
Availability: TBA
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My Reports

Intake Report

Foster Update 4/22/2020:

Foster reports that Camille is eating well and gaining much needed weight.  She is no longer a bag of bones.  She will not eat kibble but only canned food or chicken.   We are working on that but right now the most important thing is that she eat.

Medical Update 4/15/2020:

This sweet girl is just now starting to eat well.  She has been a challenge to her foster mom to get her to eat.  She still hasn’t started her heart worm treatment due to several urinary tract infections and lack of gaining weight.  She is now on the road to recovery but our doctors are still going to be cautious as to when to start her treatment.

February 10, 2020:

Medial Update.  No surprise that this sweet girl is heartworm positive.  She has gone to foster for some TLC and to put weight on her before we can do any treatment for her.  She is so appreciative of kindness and is absolutely starving.  More as she turns into that healthy wonderful Golden that she will be.

February 3, 2020:

From our Intake Team Member: Our Intake team was contacted by a local high kill shelter late afternoon yesterday. They had a Golden they would do an immediate medical release on as soon as we could arrange to come get her. I had the privilege of being that person. She was skeletal, drooling and they felt dehydrated and in need of IV fluids. She had been surrendered by a family who had picked her up as a stray. They kept her 3 weeks hoping to put weight on her, but said she would only eat “sticks and garbage”. Once I got her and walked her around the grounds, she became much more comfortable and was no longer drooling when I put her in my car. She gently and easily took a treat. I decided to take her home and the Pet Med emergency could always be the backup plan. I took her to our clinic this morning. A stinky, flea dirt covered “bag of bones” perfectly describes this poor girl. I decided to give her the beautiful name of Camille, because she has the potential to become that beauty. I really don’t think this pitiful, Golden has seen much beauty in her lifetime, not since she left the protective warmth of her mama’s side.   Before we can begin treating her, she will need to go to a foster for some TLC and good groceries. Her lower teeth are ground down likely from eating rocks, sticks and garbage in an attempt to stay alive. This is truly why we exist folks! I am so proud to be a small part of our organization.

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