Name: Callum
ID: 3197
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 3 yr
Size: 70 lbs
General Health:
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Intake Report

July 10, 2022

This beautiful boy up to a home out in a rural area a little over a week ago. This family has no fence. There are some dogs in the neighborhood loose that wanted to be mean to him. This and having to leash walk is why they chose to give him up. He was covered in fleas and this family bathed him for the fleas. A local shelter has helped them advertise on all the available sites and no one has come forward. He has a gentle mouth. He rode quietly crated and for second leg tethered. He either looked out my window or lay down. He did not seem nervous at all, even when we got to the clinic.   He is beautiful and ever so sweet.   He is going to be a fabulous addition to some lucky family.   Welcome to MAGRR!

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