Name: Calder
ID: 3165
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yrs
Size: 60 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Deb Kenney
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My Reports

Intake Report

May 13, 2020

He loves walks and is really great on a leash, super friendly when people want to pet him while walking. He gets distracted by a smell here or there and have to get him moving again, but overall very good. But he is a super easy dog when you’re around, he chews on bones, starting to learn to play with toys, potty trained, cuddly. He will play fetch for a few minutes or chase you around, has a very playful little run that is adorable. He will go lie by himself – not following me around as much when I go room to room along with going outside and going to the bathroom by himself. At night he sleeps in my room. He will start on my bed and then move to the floor. He doesn’t usually beg, will sit next to my table when I’m eating and then go lie down. 
I think he is easily teachable. We are working on shake and he learned it pretty quickly, along with sitting and staying when I have to go out the front door to get mail, etc. Again, he is starting to like treats and I think could be treat driven.  He is an awesome dog.

April 26, 2020

Please meet Calder. I met our Arkansas Coordinator to pick up this big, beautiful boy. He is an owner surrender. They “say” he is half Golden and half black Lab. He has been living with young children, a Cocker spaniel, and a Pomeranian. He is housebroken. He knew the word sit we tried it out. The reason for surrender began when this family moved to a new home. They say he escaped from the new place and was picked up by animal control and they had to pay a $100 fine. Being intact we are guessing he may have tried to visit a lady friend. They had to put him on a chain when they let him out to potty, so they decided to give him up, rather than risk another fine. His coat is soft, full, shiny and beautiful, but there is evidence of flea and tick activity, plus he is kinda stinky. He rode quietly on the trip to Memphis. I’m sure we can find him a great home!  He is stunning and very sweet.   Just a Golden in a Black fur coat.

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