Name: Blaize
ID: 3149
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yr
Size: 45 lbs.   Very Thin
General Health: Much Improved
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report 

Foster Update:  1/17/2020:

Blaze is such a sweetie.  He gets along great with both of my dogs. He loves kids and is very playful.  He loves to fetch a ball and keeps one close to him.  He does well at night  in the crate or sleeping on a pillow beside Sabrina.  He is great in the house.  He goes to the door when he needs to go out if the doggie door is closed. He does well on a leash and in the car. He has never tried to get out of the yard. I believe that when he ran away before it was because he was left outside during bad weather.  He got nervous when we had the bad storm . He just wanted to lay close to my side of the bed and have me touch him. He wasnt destructive or frantic.  But he was nervous. 


MAGRR saw a post for this boy from a lady in Arkansas who is a networker.  We were very concerning because he is so malnourished.  So we reached out and told her we could help.  Thankfully one of our volunteers was willing and able to drive to Arkansas to meet one of their volunteers. She said that he was a great rider and sweet. He never pulled on the leash.  He has been neutered, but no other vetting. It doesn’t appear as if he had been fed either. He is extremely skinny but has the BEST disposition. He does seem a little weak, but played at the park with my husband and son while we were waiting at our clinic.  He was great with my toddler and didn’t mind his wildness. Blaze’s energy seems low, but I think he’s very malnourished and tired. He let me hug and kiss all over him. I don’t think the pictures even do his malnourishment justice. His coat is beautiful, but you could see every rib and hip bone. The duckling will definitely become a swan with great TLC and lots of groceries.

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