Name:  Bindy
ID:  2242
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  3 yr
Size:  48 lbs
General Health:  HW Treated
Availability:  April 18

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Foster Update 4/9/2017
What a difference a week makes plus a daily grilled cheese sandwich.  That was the ONLY way Miss Priss will digest her meds.  She is sweet, calm, easy and a beautiful golden girl that will make someone’s life complete and full of love💛


Intake Report 3/22/2017:
This precious girl was abandoned by her owner when her owner got a job in a nearby town.  Owner just left Bindy to fend for herself at her house in rural Arkansas when she moved.  A retired gentleman has been feeding her but was afraid she was going to become coyote bait so he called a friend who owns a boarding facility and works with the local Humane Society, who then called us.She has a beautiful, soft, very thick and relatively healthy coat, considering her lack of good nutrition, and care.  She’s in desperate need of a bath and brushing, but overall her coat is in great shape.  She was happy to have me tending to her, but she was still extremely nervous.  I’m not sure she’d ever been in a car before she was brought to the boarding facility. She welcomes being petted but tends to duck or shy away if you move toward her too quickly.  She is super sweet, but is very timid and shy.  She’s never been on a leash until yesterday but did very well, with gentle coaxing.  I’m told when the man came to feed her on Tuesday evening, the rooster was also pretty hungry and flogged her when she tried to eat the dog food.  Seems the Rooster was hungry too, and claimed her dog food for himself.  This girl will never have to worry about a rooster flogging her again.  She is on the road to a much better life.


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