Name:  Benny
ID:  2195
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  10 yr
Size:  44 lbs (very thin)
General Health:  Precarious (HW+ but no TX now)
Availability:  TBA
Sponsors:  Michelle Morris
Ron Jobel & Stella
Dan Spinellal & Frances Rice
Cheryl Figg
Lena Perlman
Karalyn Malaby
The Ohl Family
Nancy Burnham

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Note:  While rescue is not always pretty it is definitely always rewarding.  This precious older boy has not had it good for a long time, but all of that is about to change.  We want you to see these so that when he gets better you can see the vast improvement.

Intake Report 10/25/2016:
This pitiful old soul was found wandering the country roads in the Mississippi Delta.  Someone found him and took him to our contact Lisa Sabatini with AARF.  She was told he’d been out roaming for a couple of weeks. There was absolutely no way we could say no to him.  She said his teeth are worn and he will only eat canned food, but his tail wags, he acts happy.  They got him into a warm kennel with bedding and blankets for the evening. Thanks so much to Yvonne and her sister who went to meet them and get him to the our clinic where he could get medical attention.  He is anemic and needs nutrition and iron supplements.  He is heartworm positive but of course will not be treated currently.   He has already started on his road to a better life.  He may not have many days left, but his last ones will be filled with loving care from MAGRR Angels.


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