Name: Becca
ID: 4016
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 3/1/2016
Size: 82 lbs
General Health: Good – needs to lose few pounds
Availability: Currently

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Intake Report 2/7/2019:
Becca’s famly loved her but because of changed circumstances in their family, they just didn’t have the time to spend with her that she deserved.  She was having to be left alone for extremely long periods of time.  She is a wonderful girl and gets along with everyone.  She has a beautiful golden coat and a precious comb on the top of her head.  The owner reported that she does get fearful with loud noises, but is not storm phobic.  She is just about the sweetest girl ever.  Once trims up she will feel better.  She is just a typical golden girl.


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