Name: BeBe
ID: 3080
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 3 yr
Size: 40 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Abby Colihan

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Foster Update 10/22/2018
Bebe has been in her foster home for almost a week.  We believe that she was abused prior to coming to us.  She is a little protective of things that she thinks are hers and definitely needs someone who will go slowly with her and give her time to trust. She has obviously not had a good life and needs time to realize that she is save now.   She loves playing with our dog and follows her human around.  She is very sweet but cautious.  She doesn’t like hugs or anyone who forces anything on her.  She is so sweet and just needs time to learn to trust.  Once she has learned to trust her human she will be a loyal and good companion.

Intake Report 10/2/2018:
BeBe was at a rural Mississippi humane society.  She was brought in with another dog after they were found running as strays. No one ever came for them, and her friend got adopted but she was still at the shelter.   She‘s thin and has a bit of a dry coat but she is beautiful. Her tail feathers are a bit thin on her britches and tail, but with some good nutrition they should grow in beautifully. She has a golden smart knot and loves to stand up on you and wrap her front paws around your arm to give you a hug.  She has fun happy personality and enjoyed meeting the techs as long as you give her a minute to sniff your fingers.

She has been dog tested and has been in a run with three other large dogs. She’s had no dog aggression issues. They’ve done food testing and she showed no food aggression or resource aggression at the shelter.  She’s super sweet and warmed up quickly, but we just need to introduce her slowly and give her some space to get used to each new person and environment.


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