Name: Banner
ID: 2389
Sex: Male – will be neutered
Age: 5 mo
Size: 25 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report

September 23, 2021

Hi! My name is Bruce Banner, Baby Hulk, but my friends just call me Banner. They say I’m a miracle puppy cuz when I was found, I only weighed 12 pounds!  I was severely emac, dehydrated, and anemic and they weren’t sure I was going to survive. Well, I showed THEM! They underestimated what a little trooper I am and now, 3 weeks later, I’ve more than doubled my weight and I’m just your typical happy, playful, adorable little puppy. I’m a light tan and have the most beautiful white fur on my feet, chest, tail tip, and butt feathers. Mom says I have two perfect white marks exactly where my little angel wings were supposed to be but since I got all better, I didn’t need them. Mom also says I have cute little duck feet cuz they’re kind of splayed, maybe because I lived in a cage and had to try to stand up on wire, but that doesn’t bother me any. I am mostly housebroken and will go to the door when I want to go out. If you miss my cue, I might have an accident but I’m getting Mom pretty well trained so that doesn’t happen much anymore. I walk pretty well on my leash and get excited when I see it because it either means a walk or a ride in the car, which I also love. I get along great with other dogs and kids, I don’t nip, and I hardly jump at all. I’m pretty adorable when I sit on command to be petted. I don’t chew on anything I’m not supposed to but I do like to steal socks just to be funny. I love rubber balls, snuggling, Nyla bones, cheese, baby carrots, and treats of all kinds. I’m crate trained but only if you throw treats in for me first. I’m usually pretty quiet but sometimes I’ll cry just to test the waters. It doesn’t ever work so I give up quickly and go to sleep all night.  I’m probably almost 6 months old but I’m pretty laid back for a puppy and I’m probably going to be a smaller dog.

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