Name: Banks
ID: 4063
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 yr
Size: 43 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

August 8, 2020

Banks was adopted and went to live with a family who dearly loved him.  He got along with their dog, cat and all humans.  The only issue was that they lived in the mountains and had bears outside their back fence.  Banks was just obsessed to get out with the bears and the family felt they couldn’t contain him safely over the long haul and didn’t really have time for training.  There were 2 mama bears with cubs and they were so afraid that he would get out there and the mamas would kill him.  They chose to send him back to us and he has arrived.  Other than this issue he is wonderful.  He will be getting training here to correct this behavior and he will be a wonderful dog.

This precious Black Gold was dumped out of a car.  A family witnessed the car slowing down and dumping him out. They said he just stood there watching the car drive away.  It started raining and they went out and called him over. They said he was very glad to see them and willing came to them.  Thankfully MAGRR was contacted.  The young lady bathed the dog, took him to a vet and checked him for a microchip and took multiple videos and kid tested him.  He’s got a golden smart knot on top of his head, beautiful feathering on his britches and tail and a wonderfully soft healthy coat.  He seems outgoing and relatively well mannered on a leash. He didn’t offer to jump up on me, and welcome any and all attention.  He’s going to be in high demand. I can’t imagine why anyone would just dump him…but I quit trying to figure out folks actions a long time ago.  With the current state of things, who knows.   He is going to make someone a great family member.

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