Name: Bailey
ID: 1910
Sex: Spayed Female
Est. Age: 9-10 YR.
Size: 115 LBS. Now 90 Lbs
General Health: Good.
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: None.

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Bailey1910BedCKFoster Update 6/2/2015
Bailey is doing fine.  His weight has decreased to around 95 pounds but is still on Metabolic dog food.  He recently was examined because of a sore on his leg.  The vet thought it was a result of his hips hurting so medication has been adjusted.  He does struggle when trying to stand.  He still loves to go to the dog park.  He runs out of steam, but loves to sit in the sunshine and watch the others.  He is a fanatical chewer.  He usually sticks to his bones, but should he have something else in his mouth, it is best to wait until he drops it, least he accidentally chomp you.  Bailey could possibly be a candidate for the transport and due to his size, he may enjoy the cooler weather.



Bailey1910SitNewCKFoster Update 3/25/2015
Bailey (affectionately known as Bailey-Boo) has done beautifully on the weight reduction plan. He has lost 25 lbs! He looks wonderful. All of his patches have filled in and his coat is full and fluffy. The eye stains have mostly cleared – he was treated for conjunctivitis. Made a huge different. He loves going to the dog park and prancing around or just sitting in the sunshine. He loves his privacy – when he has head in the corner – that means do not disturb! LOL… He is a big, sweet, lovable pooch!




Intake Report 7/21/2014
Today we welcomed Bailey to our MAGRR family. Bailey was living with his elderly owner from the time he was just a wee pup until recently, when his owner had to be put in a nursing home due to dementia.  He always lived inside and obviously never had much exercise.   He is definitely obese but he is on a weight loss program and also will be getting exercise.   Bailey is a sweet and wonderful boy who will blossom once he gets the proper care that he deserves.   He has quickly become a favorite of the staff at our clinic.  He has had several “bumps” removed from his body and most are fatty tumors, but 2 have been sent out for biopsy just to be sure.   The dark circles under his eyes are due to a droopy eye which allows tears.  We will get some drops for him and hopefully this will clear that up, but his actual eyes are just fine.  This boy has lots of life left and lots of love to give to someone who will love him.  He is truly a jewel.  Just watch as this guy becomes the 70 – 75 pound dog that he should be.


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