Name: Archie
ID: 2422
Sex: Male to be neutered when old enough
DOB: 2/14/22
Size: 15  lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

May 2, 2022

This sweet little guy was given to one of our members after having purchased him at a very hight price and after 5 days decided they didn’t want to keep him.  The breeder was several hours away and they didn’t want to return him, so gave him to our member.  He is the cutest little guy with so much personality.  He is supposed to be a first generation Golden/Doodle.   He has such a sassy little personality and has no fear.   He loves their dogs, but is too much for the 2 older ones.   He does play with their only doodle as you can see in his video.  What can you say about a sweet little puppy.   We are so thankful that he didn’t end up in the wrong hands.   If you are looking for a precious little puppy, Archie is your guy.

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