Name:  Angus
ID:  2186
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  11 yr
Size:  74 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently
Sponsors:  Nela Alvarez-Sotomayor

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Intake Report 10/15/2016:
We were contacted about 2 weeks ago about 4 dogs who had been abandoned by their owner on a farm in rural Arkansas.  The lady who’s been feeding them for about 3 months decided that they need to be in a better environment where they can get the love and attention they need and want.  After talking with the lady and getting full details, we found out that there were 3 males (Stoney, Angus & Paxton) and 1 female (Cissy) whose owner was a wheelchair bound woman who died about 2 years ago.  After her death, the man who lived with her then made the dogs outside dogs.  This man is the person who left them on the farm to fend for themselves.   Thank goodness for the kind neighbor who saw that they were fed.  They are typical old golds.  Wonderful temperaments and very calm.  All just want to be loved and adored.  MAGRR will see that they get their wish.


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Angus 2186 from MAGRR on Vimeo.