Name: Angel
ID: 3090
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 3 yr
Size: 65 lbs
General Health: Leg to be repaired
Availability: TBA
Sponsors: James Boros
Judith Wilson
Tabitha Price
Heather Pate

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Medical Update 5/10/2019:
Angel traveled from Memphis to Knoxville this week for her surgery.  As you can see from the photographs this little girl takes traveling in stride and loved the company of a young man.  She had her surgery at UT Knoxville yesterday to correct her foot.  All went well and she will be enter rehab this afternoon.  We are so excited that this surgery was successful and that this sweet girl can have a normal life.  She has already become a favorite of the staff at the Vet School.


Medical Update 5/2/2019:
After much therapy, Angel’s foot has improved very little.  She has an appointment on May 9 with the surgeons and rehab facility at the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine.  They think that they can help her and we are going to try.  She has been through so much and still has a long way to go but she is so loving and seems to be taking it all in stride.






Intake Report 12/15/2018:
This girl was found at Norris Road and I-240 back in August by a young lady. She had been hit by a car.  The girl who found her took her home, then her parents took the dog to PetVax in Bartlett.  She was x-rayed and determined to have a broken pelvis.   Pet Vax gave her pain medicine and referred them to rehab, but unfortunately they did not take her to rehab for any therapy.

In the meantime, they also figured out that she was pregnant.  They gave her a safe place to live until she had her nine puppies. They have found homes for the nine puppies (as of about 3 weeks ago).

Because of some health situations with family members that the mom and dad are taking care of, they needed to rehome this girl.  She is good with other dogs, cats, is housebroken and seems to love everyone.

She was dragging both right legs (front and rear) when she was found, but now she only drags the right rear leg. She has some neurological damage from the broken pelvis, and her toes turn under on the rear leg. We were able to get vet records and x-rays from PetVax from her treatment in August.  She is heartworm negative, is going to need all vaccinations, to be spayed, and microchipped.

When I picked her up, she greeted me with a big barks, lots of tail wagging and kisses. She happily jumped in my van and road downtown. She loved all of the attention from the vet techs and readily gave kisses to McKinley and the other staff.  She’s pretty good on a leash.  She has a thick healthy coat, considering she just nursed 9 puppies.  She has beautiful eyes with dark eyeliner.  We’re hoping with some therapy her back leg will begin to work better.


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