ID: Albert
Sex: 3176
Age: 1 yr
Size: 42 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report


This cute little fella found himself at a local animal shelter. He was surrendered by a lady as a stray, along with a lab mix. However, the shelter staff believe that she was actually surrendering her own dogs but could never get her to admit to it.   He has pretty white teeth and a beautiful soft coat. He has dark black eyeliner around his eyes, black whiskers, and a very few black hairs on his tail.   He’s a sweet, healthy, happy boy. He’s a little bit timid at first and will pancake on the ground if you tug on the leash. But once he trusts you, he’s very warm and friendly. He rode quietly in my van from the shelter to the our clinic, and willingly went with the vet tech into the building.  He is just as cute as a button.  Because of his size and personality he’ll be in high demand.

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