Name: Abe
ID: 3092
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 3 yr
Size: 80 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: TBA – Not a candidate for transport at this time.

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Foster Update 1/22/2019
Abe came into our home on 1/8/19. It’s pretty obvious he has never been in a home before, but he has been making progress every day. He loves other dogs and plays well with my 3 yr. old Golden and my son’s 3 yr. old doodle who has been visiting several days. He leaves my 3 senior Goldens alone after only one conversation with each. He has learned to play with toys after only a few days. He is better on the leash, but still doesn’t like it. Leash training is going to require lots more work. I tried to teach him to use our doggy door for 3 days and then gave up. Wouldn’t you know that on the 4th day, he learned by watching the other dogs. He’s still a little anxious being in the house, but he’s had no accidents. It’s been fun and rewarding for us to watch as he makes strides daily. I just can’t imagine him being isolated in a backyard with very little interaction. He does have thunderstorm anxiety and wonder if he can defeat that. He is a beautiful dog with a precious Mohawk and he will be great family member.

Intake Report 1/07/2019:
Meet Abe. The Intake Team received a call from a North Mississippi Humane Society. They had been contacted by his owner about wanting to surrender this boy.  They were referred them directly to us.  He came to this family as a Christmas puppy for a daughter who has had health issues.  Because he was an unruly and rambunctious puppy, he was put out in the backyard and given very little training.   He just too much for them to handle.   We were told that their landlord wouldn’t allow them to have an indoor dog but we’re OK with him having an outdoor dog.

He is a  huge puppy.  He loves other dogs, he loves people, he has zero home training.  He was frightened of the leash at first. His coat is in amazing shape.  It’s very thick from being an outdoor dog.    He has a precious cowlick up the center of his nose and forehead. He is your typical happy golden…when he doesn’t have a leash around his neck.  Once we got him in the back of the clinic and took the leash off of him, he opened up and became a much happier dog, greeting everyone who was willing to give him a hand of affection.  The techs all fell in love with him.

He loves tennis balls and loves to fetch.   He’s good with children, but not sure about cats.  Once he gets some training and learns that he can stay with his people, he is going to be an awesome companion.


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