Name: Abbott
ID: 4040
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 8-9 years
Size: 36 lbs (very thin)
General Health: To be HW TX when weight gained
Availability: TBA
Sponsors: Abigail Colihan
JoAnn Lemire

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Intake Report 9/5/2019:
Meet Abbot. We were contacted about him by several folks about this boy at the local high kill shelter.  His coat is extremely thick, but dry and has quite a few mats.  He has a Golden top knot. He is a senior boy.  He is very happy-go-lucky in his actions. He doesn’t pull on his leash, but is just ready for the next adventure to come along. He let me “manhandle” him up into the back of my SUV and crate without reacting at all.  He traveled quietly. I never heard a peep out of him. He met several dogs at the shelter while we waited for all the paper work, and one in the lobby of our clinic. He didn’t react negatively at all and just wagged his tail. He is one of the thinnest I’ve brought in. His coat is so thick, his ribs, backbone and pelvis just don’t show. Even the shelter vet described him as extremely malnourished. They did say he was a good eater while there. The vet also recorded he has a wobbly gait.  His weight is 36 #’s and he should be more like 50. He must have been on his own for quite a while to be so thin. He surely needs MAGRR and I know we can find him a fabulous home.


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