Name: Fabio & Sasha
ID: 2362 & 2363
Sex: Neutered male & Spayed female
Age: Both 2 yr
Size: 100 lbs & 80 lbs
General Health: HW TX both
Availability: End of May
Sponsors: Janine & Joe Lammel
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Intake Report

April 19, 2021

These 2 beautiful dogs “came on the radar” of the director of a rural humane society. They got a call to come pick them up at a gas station on a busy highway. When she got there the male was being loaded in a van by a man who didn’t know him. The same man had tried to catch the female as well, but she is more skittish and couldn’t catch her. The Humane director talked him into letting her have the dogs as they looked well cared for and she wanted to try to find their owners. She finally caught the female by using the male. She advertised the dogs locally and their owners, a young couple came to pick them up.
A week later, the dogs were on the busy highway again. They were called and the humane society picked them up and contacted the owners.  It was obvious that they loved these dogs as they appeared well cared for but were just unable to take care of them.  They decided to surrender them so that they could get the medical attention needed.   They are litter mates and about 2 yrs. old. They’ve never been on Heartworm prevention and sure enough are heart worm positive.
The humane society called MAGRR and asked us if we could take them and of course we agreed.  They are bonded and have always been together and we hope to keep them together.  If you she is petted, he will push in for attention. They are both hungry for attention.  They are so sweet and love everyone they have met at our clinic.   Both could stand to lose a little weigh but are big dogs.     We hope they will touch someones hearts and can stay together.   They would make great family members for anyone that would like 2 dogs.

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