Adopting a Golden Retriever is a tremendous commitment and major undertaking for everyone involved. A multitude of lifestyle factors may determine whether or not this breed is an appropriate companion for you.

Career responsibilities and social engagements may interfere with your ability to adequately provide the attention, human interaction, exercise and care that Goldens require. The immense veterinary and maintenance costs of owning a Golden may not fit within your budget. Are you prepared to handle the specialized needs that oftentimes accompany a rescued pet?

Make the decision to adopt a Golden after researching the breed and evaluating your circumstances. Involve your family in these discussions, and ask for their feedback. Successful adoptions require participation from all members of a household. Browse through our site and review our policies to determine whether pursuing an adoption from MAGRR is the optimal choice for you.

Careful screening of applicants has resulted in more than 2,000 successful adoptions since 2001. Years of experience have allowed us to develop tried-and-true methods for ensuring our Goldens are matched only with the best adoptive families. We welcome applications from qualified individuals and families who share our same dedication to providing the highest quality of life for the dogs in our program.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to the prospect of working with you.

Application Processing Procedure

  • Application is received — The Adoption Review Committee begins reviewing the application and checks vet references. We require proof of vaccination history and continuous use of heartworm preventative for previous and current pets.

  • Telephone Interview — Volunteers call applicants to share information and answer questions. We begin building a profile of their expectations for the process, including details regarding the type of Golden the family wishes to adopt.

  • Home Visit — While applicants often assume that the purpose of a home visit is to “investigate,” it is more about helping us understand the dynamics of your household. Intuition plays a key role in the matching process, and meeting your family and pets helps determine the ideal Golden for your routines.

  • Approval — It may come as a surprise to you that this is likely the most tedious stage of the process. Each applicant’s specifications narrow the scope for suitable dogs, and it is rare that a match can be made immediately after approval. We require time and your patience.

New England Adoption Program

New England adoptions are handled differently than those in the Mid-South in that there’s no personal interaction between adopter and dog before the adoption. Many applicants approach this type of adoption with hesitation. We’re often asked, “Are pictures and phone conversations alone enough for me to commit to this dog?” Blind adoptions aren’t for everyone, but rest assured, our organization has over a decade of experience successfully adopting Goldens to the Northeast. MAGRR uses a licensed pet transport, Hearts LLC, to send our dogs north.