Choosing to adopt a Golden Retriever is a tremendous commitment — one each applicant ought to genuinely consider before applying. A multitude of lifestyle factors, including work schedules and availability, may determine whether or not this breed, which requires constant attention, care and maintenance, is an appropriate match for you. Careful screening of our applicants has resulted in over 2,000 successful adoptions since 2001.

Application Processing Procedure

  1. When an adoption application is received, the verification process begins. The first step is to establish contact with current and former veterinarians to investigate the overall health of a specific applicant’s pets.  Proof of vaccinations and continuous heartworm prevention is required.
  2. Next, the application is filed for a telephone interview. General information, including policies, procedures, and tips are shared with applications during this conversation.
  3. A home visit follows the telephone interview. Home visitors meet the members of an applicant’s family, including pets, and observe the home. Fence structures and application validity are verified.
  4. Then, the application is transferred to the “Approved” file. Applicants with an “Approved” clearance are permitted to meet dogs in our system. Because New England applicants live out-of-area, extensive conversations with foster families will replace this procedure.

New England Adoption Program

New England adoptions are handled differently than those in the Mid-South. Given that approved applicants are unable to meet their Golden before adoption, patience and other steps are required. Rest assured, our organization has experience adopting Golden Retrievers to the northeast for over 10 years. MAGRR uses Alpha Dog, which is licensed by the USDA, to transport adopted dogs to their New England homes.