Recently and unfortunately, MAGRR lost one of its corporate benefactors, who contributed a large amount of money to us each year. Although we are currently “in the black” or financially stable, we do need to start thinking about coming up with that extra funding. In order to do that, we need your help! One of the easiest ways, besides donating, is to sign up for iGive. Every time you shop on the internet, chances are, iGive is compatible with the company’s cart or checkout station. Each time you shop with iGive, the company will donate a small percentage of the sale to our organization. It is a quick, simple, and easy to use service that almost anyone can figure out how to use. Join today and start contributing to MAGRR! Another way you can help us is to set up a recurring monthly donation through PayPal. Even if your contribution is only ten or fifteen dollars a month, it certainly helps our organization. Please share iGive with your friends and family who might be interested in donating toward our cause. Visit their website at igive.com to create a free account and get started today!

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